Moria developed and ran a testing and repainting unit for a park of 250.000 Gas Canisters for a client Praxair from 1994 till 2002.

Gas canisters need to be tested every 5-10 years at 1,5 times the operating pressure. The heavy (80kg) bottles need to be emptied, the valve needs to be changed, it needs to be hydraulically pressure tested, internally verified on corrosion, stamped as verified & Tested, repainted and relabeled. All data were logged and stored for follow up. Moria developped and maintained the ISO 9002 certification for its subcontracting activity.

The unit processed more than 1000 bottles (80 tons) per week, with a crew till 15 persons. The personnel was recruited from a pool of previously long term unemployed.

The activity was stopped by the client end 2002,

Press articles

2000 : Moria and the gas canister maintenance activity.
An intermediate evaluation of the subsidies for “Invoegbedrijven” to support the employment of lowly schooled personnel.